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SHS Class of ’66 – Something special


They called us “boomers”, part of love and war.  We lived in a time of great changes- social, economic, cultural and technological.

We came from many backgrounds, thrown together in the educational arena.  We chose to assimilate, to accept, to struggle and to rise above.

One of the unique things that led to this was that SHS, a school then of over 2,000, was fed from primarily 3 junior highs – Richard Arnold, Myers, and Wilder.  So many of our friendships were already being formed.  At SHS, they just exploded.


The school was the breeding ground for lifelong friendships – athletics and cheerleading, band and ROTC, Blue Jacket annual and Blue and White news staffs, civic and scholastic clubs, and yes, challenging academics with superior teachers.


Rock and Roll, The British Invasion, dance crazes – we were all part of that influence.


Through it all, and most of all, we were friends – good friends.  Perhaps changing classes connected us even more.  There was spirit that ran through us all.  We learned a lot about each other, about life, about values.  Good times to be sure and times we enjoy reminiscing about even to this day.


Through the good times, the bad times, the successes or the failures since those glory days, we remained one thing – friends for life.